Croissants & Construction


Floor being prepped for the tile

Floor being prepped for the tile

There has been lots of progress on the construction of our store! The tile floors were installed and the polished concrete will be finished by the end of the week. The ikea cabinets were assembled and are just waiting for the butcher block counter to be added on top. Next week we have our cooler being delivered and installed, then our giant deck oven installation.

New tile floors!

Finished tile floors!

Unfortunately, we found out last week that there will be a delay due to some electrical issues that will push our opening date back a few weeks. However, we will be at the Green Market in Boca on Saturday the 29th! We will have lots of focaccia, caramel brownies and our seasonal pumpkin croissant for sale. Since we had to postpone the store opening we rented out some space in a commercial kitchen in Boca and we will be baking there for the upcoming green market. My sister, Mel will be helping out with the market so make sure to stop by and pick up a loaf of bread and support your local bakery!!


Delicious pumpkin croissants