Del Sol Bakery is born!


We are excited to share that we have our own keys to Del Sol and we moved in last week. With this being our first week in our store, we did a deep cleaning and have been testing the ovens, equipment and recipes.

First baguettes

We fired up the double deck oven and the very first batch of baguettes came out with a crisp crust and chewy interior. We finally got to use our dough sheeter to roll out the croissants which makes it easier to produce dozens of delicious pastries. Once all our recipes are tested in the new ovens, we will be preparing samples for local restaurants, cafes and other potential customers. After that we will be able to complete the hiring process and will be adding a new baker to join our team.

Happy to be using our dough sheeter

Based on lots of questions and demands, we are thinking about having a daily Chef selection available at the store so our customers can come in and purchase freshly baked goods. We will be testing retail on Saturdays from 9-5 with a selection of breads and pastries available for purchase. The rest of the week, we operate as wholesale and catering business. If you would like to place an order for any breads, pastries, or cakes, we will be accepting orders at the end of April. Call us at our new store number 561-806-6726.

Stay tuned and hungry for our Grand Opening at the beginning of May and our Soft Opening in April. The best croissants will be coming your way soon.